Full Stack Developer - Eva Tech

As a Full Stack Engineer, you will be in charge of one of our main platforms' direction and implementation. From ideation to delivering to users, from services to user interfaces, you will build the platforms that will profoundly impact thousands of users' lives. You will ensure that our services are designed in a scalable way and that our designs come alive while keeping your eye on the future with re-usability always in mind. This challenging position requires a self-starter who can effectively manage multiple tasks simultaneously, meet aggressive deadlines, and thrive in a dynamic environment.

Who should apply?

Devs with strong frontend background who understand the importance of user-focus design and know that small details make a difference. Devs that do not meet the stack requirements should demonstrate their ability to learn fast and/or have a track record of personal growth.

Dev Stack

Listed below are the technologies that the developer will be using day-to-day. The percentage to the right is an indicator of what tools the developer must focus on.

- Frontend NodeJS (80%)
- Componentes created with: React
- Work with Frameworks:Next, Gatsby and CRA
- Testing done with: Jest and Cypress
- Bug reporting and support: LogRocket and Sentry
- Hosting done with: Vercel and AWS
- Coding with: Typescript
- CI/CD: Github Actions
- Backend NodeJS (10%)
- Testing done with: Jest
- Bug reporting and support: Sentry and CloudWatch
- Hosting done with: AWS Lambdas
- Coding with: Typescript
- CI/CD: Github Actions and CircleCI
- React Native (10%)
- Testing done with: Jest
- Bug reporting and support: Bugfender
- Coding with: Typescript
- CI/CD: Github Actions

Responsibilities and Duties

- Interact with project managers and technical teams to implement quality products that meet the business goals.
- Work in the architecture, design, and implementation of reusable UI components that are shared across our web and mobile applications.
- Work in the design and implementation of reusable services that deliver scalable, highly reliable solutions.
- Write clean, maintainable, and tested code while rapidly iterating and shipping features.
- Continually improve software development processes and practices.
- Keep yourself abreast and opinionated about the latest front-end and back-end technologies.


Required - More than a year of professional web application development experience.
Required- Knowledge of ES6, Typescript, HTML5, and CSS3.
Required - Experience working with the React ecosystem (Webpack, Redux, Hooks).
Required - Experience working with frameworks such as Next and Gatsby
Required - Experience working with Figma, Sketch or Invision for designs, wireframes or templates
Experience working with NodeJS and storage technologies like SQL and NoSQL databases.
Extensive use of APIs and a strong understanding of REST architectures.
Experience with TDD and BDD with frameworks like Jest, Cypress, Mocha, or similar.
- Ability to interact and work well with other functional groups in a project team and a strong sense of project ownership.
- Committed to quality as a top priority, you pay attention to detail and take pride in it.
- You are passionate about voicing your opinions and can be humble in providing feedback.
- You love to try and learn new things and are not afraid to learn through failures.


$22,000 to $35,000

Position Type
L-V 9:00am - 7:00pm, Remote position.
WFH Package

- If you code with a monitor we can send you a monitor or help you acquire one
- Eva Goodies (jacket, water bottle, backpack)