Cloud Support Enginner - StartupGDL

Manager: Product Director

Area: Product

Studies: Bachelor’s degree is not required, but may have on in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, IT Management, or related field


· Spanish: 100%

· English: 90%

· Any third language is a plus


· Experience with a Cloud provider (AWS, Azure or Google Cloud)

· Programming languages: Python and JavaScript (at least one)

· Use of CLI on Linux and Bash or similar

· Docker is a plus

Soft skills:

· Outstanding communication skills

· Passion for technology and people

· Frustration to tolerance

· Adaptability

· Problems resolution

· Time management

· Teamwork

Experience: 3+ years


· You will be creating, executing and maintaining scripts and reports of customer data to share and/or analyze

· Creating tools to perform internal tasks that our customers cannot execute directly

· You will also be in charge of building and updating our help center and all technical documentation for both internal and external customers

· Customer feedback will be gathered and shared with our Product team by you

· You'll be part of product beta testing before new releases

· Help us review bug lists from customers to prioritize

· You will assist in the continuous improvement and development of our Support team and

· In other internal projects where technical and documentation expertise is required